How does The Process Work and What to Expect


Get Some Advice

If you are considering Long Term Nursing Home Care for yourself or your loved one, and are currently living at home, your first step would be to arrange an appointment with your GP or local Public Health Nurse, who can guide you through the process. Please find a list of local Public Health Nurse HSE Locations.

If you or your loved one is in hospital, a social worker will be able to assist you through the initial stage and help you liaise with Nursing Homes.


Come See Us

Next you would need to arrange a viewing in one of our Homes and meet with our team. The first person you will meet in our Homes is our Administrator, who specialise in all aspects of admissions.

This viewing is vital for you to see and get a feel for our Nursing Homes.

This will give you the confidence you need, to ensure you are happy with the people that are going to continue the care of your loved one and how they are going to provide that care.


Care Assessment

Once one of our Nursing Home locations is chosen, the team in that home will complete an informal clinical assessment to ensure that your loved ones clinical and emotional needs can be met in their Home. This assessment can take place, in your home, or the Nursing Home setting, whichever you prefer.

It is helpful at this point if you have an UpToDate prescription and a brief medical history from your GP. This helps us understand your care needs in more detail.



We know organising funding can be stressful but our Administrator can assist you with this process and guide you through. Please see our funding options tab for more information on types of funding.


You’re Ready

Once the clinical assessment has been completed and the funding is in place, an admission date and plan will be put in place with you.

Finance Options

The price any Nursing Home can charge for care is decided by the National Treatment Fund, please visit their website for more information.

There are two funding options available to families looking at Long term Nursing Home Care:

  1. Fair Deal
  2. Private Funding

Please check with your chosen Nursing Home to ensure they accept Fair Deal as not all Nursing Homes accept this form of payment.

We would advise considering your funding options at the beginning of your journey, specifically if you are likely to consider applying for the Fair Deal Scheme as this process can lengthy.

If you are unsure about how to proceed or want any help or advice on the Fair Deal, we have very experienced team members on hand in each of our homes who can help you through every step of process.


Fair Deal

People looking for Nursing Home Care can avail of the Government Nursing Home Support Scheme called the Fair Deal.

The Fair Deal Scheme offers financial support to people who need Long Term Nursing Home care. This scheme is operated by the Health Service Executive (HSE), you will contribute to the cost of care and the HSE will pay the balance. However, the amount that you will pay will vary from person to person.

Fair Deal does not cover Respite Care, Convalescence Care, Day Care or additional fees for services such as hairdressing or activities. Some private health insurance companies cover Respite and or Convalescence Care, but you will need to speak with your Insurance Provider to check whether this is covered under your policy.

We have broken the process down into 3 simplified steps below.


Step 1 – Applying for the fair Deal.

The first step is to complete and submit a Fair Deal Application Form.

This form covers personal data, as well as information on your Income and assets. There is full list of required documentation on the application form that will need to be sent along with the application.

If the application form cannot be completed by the person in question, it can be completed by a specified person on their behalf.

Once completed the form can be sent to your local Nursing Home Support Office:


Step 2 – Care Needs Assessment

Once your application is received by your Fair Deal office, they will arrange an appointment for you with a healthcare professional such as a Geriatrician or a Public Health Nurse who will complete a Care Needs Assessment Report. The Care Needs Assessment Report will then be submitted to the Fair Deal office.


Step 3 – Financial Assessment

Once both step 1 and 2 have been completed and returned to the Fair Deal office, a financial assessment will be completed to decide how much you can afford to pay towards your weekly nursing home fees.

Once your total income (money received on a regular basis) and assets (investments and property) has been calculated, the Fair Deal office can generate the below percentages which will give them your weekly contribution figure.

These figures do not change regardless of the cost of the nursing home you choose.

Single Person Couple
80 % of Total Income 40 % of Total Income
7.5% of Total Income 3.75 % of cash assets
7.5 % of Land and Property 3.75 % of land and property
* first 36,000 is not calculated *first 72,000 is not calculated.
(*for reference only)


You can apply for a Nursing Home Loan if you own a property in Ireland, if you wish to apply for this loan you should complete this section in the Fair Deal application. This can be a lengthy process, so it is advised you begin this process as early as possible. Please be aware applying for this loan does not guarantee that you will receive it.


Private Funding

You can choose to pay your Nursing Home care privately if you wish. Private funding means that an individual covers the full cost of Nursing Home care without any public assistance.

The price you would pay privately will have been decided by the National Treatment Purchase Fund.

Some Nursing Homes only accept Private Funding as a form of payment so always check with your preferred Home.

You can claim tax relief on Nursing Home fees paid by you. This can be claimed at your highest rate of tax. For more information on tax relief on Nursing Home expenses please see Revenue’s Website

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that this can be a daunting and difficult process and that you will have many questions. We have created our Resident Guide to answer as many of those questions as possible in one place.

The link below will bring you to our document, should you have any Home specific questions please contact our individual nursing homes.

Resident's Guide

(Click image above to open PDF guide)

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