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We pride ourselves on listening closely to our residents in all things. This approach helps us to deliver a varied and high-quality range of services to care for, support and entertain residents.

Physiotherapy: Local physiotherapists visit to provide treatments.

Local GPs: Residents have access to their local GPs to ensure continuity of care.

Hairdressing: Residents can enjoy a weekly visit from the hairdresser.

Beauty therapies: Residents enjoy a little pampering with treatments including manicures, facials etc.

Chiropody: Regular visits for chiropody treatments on site.

Alternative therapies: e.g. relaxing hand massages, aromatherapy etc.

Religious services: We respect all religions and many of residents derive great support from prayer groups, masses and other religious services.

Recreational Activities

We are passionate about social as well as therapeutic activities. Residents have a committee – including some family members and staff if invited – that meets regularly to discuss what kinds of activities they would like to have access to, whether there are any outings they’d like to plan and other items of interest.

Activity Programs: e.g. crafts, card games and many more depending on residents requests. Activities can happen one-on-one or in groups.

Musical Evenings: These popular social events allow residents to enjoy music and maybe a little dancing.

Gardening: Residents who love to garden get the opportunity to let their green fingers loose in the CareChoice gardens.

Spa Treatments: Our residents enjoy being pampered with manicures, massages, facials and other relaxing treatments.

Regular Outings: Residents enjoy visiting local areas of interest such as concert halls, historical sites, libraries etc.

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