What We Offer

We are committed to providing you with:

  • A home from home.
  • A place where you can relax and be yourself.
  • A place you can make your own.
  • A place where you can flourish.
  • A place where your can receive the best care in the way you prefer it.

At CareChoice this is our promise to you, when you choose to make your home with us.

You will find a warm welcome from our highly trained, professional staff who are always attentive to your needs, endeavouring to provide the best possible care, delivered to the highest standards, according to your preferences and the choices you want to make about your life.

Living life to the full

Your social life shouldn’t end just because you’ve moved to long-term care. At CareChoice we take care into programming fun, recreational activities that are collaborative and respond to the different leisure levels of the community. Sometimes these are one-on-one and other times in small groups – depending on the preferences of the individuals involved.

Your home from home

All of our residences are designed to balance your need for your own space, surrounded by the things that matter to you and creating a sense of community – with places where people can gather, share hobbies and activities and meet up with family and friends.

We offer single and twin rooms with en suite facilities and our professional teams look after each resident with a warm, personalised and extremely high-quality service.

“Thank you all for the wonderful care you provided to our mother Nellie over the last three years. You have been so kind and loving to her at all times that she felt at home here. She knew each one of you and smiled when she heard your voices and was thankful when you lent her a hand…Keep up your great work and know that you made Nellie a very happy person.”

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Types of Care

Our philosophy places residents at the centre of their own care. The care is individualised and holistically planned in partnership with the resident and family members, to ensure that residents enjoy the best possible quality of life. Therefore, we deliver different models of care depending on an individual’s needs and preferences.

Full Time Residential Care:
A home from home

Our residential care provides a full time home from home for the majority of our residents, who – along with their families – have direct input into their care, activities and surroundings.

Convalescence Care:
Bringing you back to health

Our convalescence care can assist you with recuperation and recovery after surgery, or serious illness. On average people convalesce with us from two to six weeks, but discharge from care can be sooner depending on your health status.

Respite Care:
Supporting you by supporting your caregivers

Caregivers at home do wonderful work, and to help them continue they need support. Our respite care gives them temporary relief which in turn supports your ability to live at home for longer.

Palliative Care:
Providing relief and comfort during serious illness

This type of care focuses on the prevention and relief of suffering. In general this is done by treating pain and other physical or psychological problems associated with life-limiting illness. At CareChoice we extend palliative support to families to help them cope with their loved one’s illness and their own experience of grief and loss.

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Our Services

We pride ourselves on listening closely to our residents in all things. This approach helps us to deliver a varied and high-quality range of services to care for, support and entertain residents.

Physiotherapy: Local physiotherapists visit to provide treatments

Local GPs: Residents have access to their local GPs to ensure continuity of care

Hairdressing: Residents can enjoy a hairdressers visit weekly

Beauty therapies: Residents enjoy a little pampering with treatments including manicures, facials etc.

Chiropody: Regular visits for chiropody treatments on site

Alternative therapies: e.g. relaxing hand massages, aromatherapy etc.

Activity Programs: e.g. crafts, card games, bingo and many more depending on residents requests. Activities can happen one-on-one or in groups

Musical Evenings: Social events for residents to enjoy some music and maybe a little dancing

Exercise Classes: keeping active at your own pace with visiting instructors.

Regular outings: Residents enjoy visiting local areas of interest such as concert halls, historical sites, libraries etc.

Religious services: we respect all religions and many of residents derive great support from prayer groups, masses and other religious services.

Recreational Activities

We are passionate about social as well as therapeutic activities. Residents have a committee – including some family members and staff – that meets regularly to discuss what kinds of activities they would like to have access to, whether there are any outings they’d like to plan and other items of interest.

Activity Programs: e.g. crafts, card games and many more depending on residents requests. Activities can happen one-on-one or in groups.

Musical Evenings: These popular social events allow residents to enjoy music and maybe a little dancing.

Gardening: Residents who love to garden get the opportunity to let their green fingers loose in the CareChoice gardens.

Spa Treatments: Our residents enjoy being pampered with manicures, massages, facials and other relaxing treatments.

Regular Outings: Residents enjoy visiting local areas of interest such as concert halls, historical sites, libraries etc.

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Our Approach

Your care, your choice

Making any transition in life can be challenging – for you and your family. At CareChoice we understand and work closely with you as you consider what’s best for you. It’s important that you and your family have all the information you need when planning for your future, so you can rely on us to be honest and open about what CareChoice can provide.

We value independence and community

Each CareChoice residence is designed to balance your need for a space of your own, surrounded by the things that matter to you, with places where people can gather, share hobbies and meet up with family and friends. This approach respects your independence while also acknowledging the importance of community.

“For six years my brother was a resident at CareChoice. He was contented and peaceful and never had a negative word to say about it. His privacy was respected and his every need was met, both in the order of nature and grace.”

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Quality Management

At CareChoice we prioritise excellence: in our care, in our staff, in our services and in our facilities. Our home from home philosophy is only possible because of our investment in quality management systems and strategies.

Personalised Healthcare Programmes

Residents and their families are actively involved in establishing individualised and appropriate care programmes. We carry out comprehensive assessments when a resident first comes to CareChoice. By carrying out ongoing reviews we can ensure that changes in an individual’s needs – however small – are identified promptly and addressed accordingly.

Experienced, Highly-Trained Staff

We are committed to providing nothing short of exemplary care to our residents, therefore, we consistently work with experienced and highly-trained staff.

Residents benefit from our:

  • First-rate nursing experience and skills
  • Extensive clinical knowledge
  • The continuing professional development of our staff
  • Strong, supportive and involved leadership at management level.

Person-Centred Care

Our philosphy of person-centred care puts the individual at the centre of their own care. All of us need a degree of autonomy in our live, whatever stage we’re at. We respect the dignity of choice and self-determination.

Life is made more enjoyable by experiencing daily pleasures, things that are important to each of us, things we look forward to throughout the day – in homely, comfortable surroundings. At CareChoice we encourage residents to assert their rights and preferences, to expect dignity in their care and their relationships with caregivers. Practically this includes residents choosing their daily care and services from staff.

Family Member

“Each time we visited Denis we found him so well groomed, so neat and clean – he was happy and contented. He never liked ‘exercises’ but he was never forced to participate. There was never a negative word, nor hint of complaint. We were happy in the knowledge that he was cared for and cherished. May god continue to bless your caring hands and hearts.”

Find out more about services offered
in our various locations

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