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Top tips for staying mentally active

It is important to remain active both mentally active and physically active in your older years. At CareChoice, we have over 30 years’ experience in senior care. Across our six care homes in Cork, Dublin and Waterford, we have a wide range of activities to promote healthy brain activity. We want to share with you, our top tips to help you to stimulate your mind on a daily basis.


A good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep has many powerful benefits. Lack of proper sleep can make you tired, forgetful and stressed. All can negatively affect your memory and perception. It is important to get a good night’s sleep to allow your mind to rest so that it can be fully engaged during the day.


Learning at any age

Experts believe that the process of learning can stimulate the brain cells. By being mentally active, you can help ensure your brain remains healthy. At our CareChoice care homes, we provide a wide range of activities and events. There is something for everyone, and no previous experience is necessary! From crafts, to pottery, music lessons and more,  we have plenty new things on offer for our residents to try out. We encourage all our residents to pursue a hobby or to try out a new skill.


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Being socially active

Being socially active reduces stress, loneliness and promotes mental activity. At CareChoice, we provide a number of opportunities for our residents to engage and come together with their local community, family and friends. We encourage visits for our special annual celebrations such as our much-anticipated summer parties. We also coordinate with local community groups and transition year students in interesting initiatives. Recently we were involved in some daffodil planting in Malahide for the Irish Cancer Society.



Exercise is fantastic to keep the body in shape and it also keeps the mind in shape. Exercise allows your body to increase blood circulation, carrying more oxygen through your body. This has very positive effects on energy levels, stress levels and anxiety. Our CareChoice care homes provide Fit For Life classes, which are specially tailored for the over 65s. People of all ages and levels of mobility can join in!


Have a peek at this year’s Fit For Life Olympics here. 


Plan ahead

At CareChoice, we know about the importance of planning ahead. That is why we create all our activity calendars a month in advance. They are displayed around  the care homes and are colour co-ordinated so that our residents know where they are going, and what they are going to.


Healthy Diet

Our CareChoice care homes each have wonderful chefs who provide a varied and interesting menu for our residents each week. We ensure that our residents have the vital nutrients they need to stay healthy and fit.



A recent favourite at our Clonakilty care home is the brain training game “30 seconds”. We also play a variety of other games including bingo, cards scrabble and more. These kinds of activities, across our six care homes stimulate the memory and encourage creative thinking, ensuring that our residents stay mentally active.


Reading and Gardening

Both reading and gardening are two simple ways to stimulate the brain and exercise the mind. Reading allows you to use your imagination while gardening is a wonderful stress reliever, allowing you to get out and about in the fresh air and practice your mindfulness in nature.


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