Recreation – Macroom, Cork.

We are passionate about social activities as well as therapeutic activities. Residents have a committee – including some family members and staff if invited – that meets regularly to discuss what kinds of activities they would like to have access to, whether there are any outings they’d like to plan and other items of interest.

Some of our regular recreational activities at CareChoice Nursing Home, Macroom, Cork include:

The Gramophone Society

Residents with an interest in music appreciation attend The Gramaphone Society in Briery Gap Theatre in Macroom ,Cork once a month. CareChoice reciprocates by hosting recitals in-house from time to time too.

Spa Macroom

Everyone loves a little pampering now and then and our residents are no different. Spa Macroom brings manicures, massage, facials and other relaxing treatments to CareChoice where residents can enjoy them.

Afternoon Tea and Coffee Mornings

Once every week or so we get the fine bone china out and enjoy a lovely afternoon tea or coffee morning. These events create a real sense of occasion and prove very popular among residents.

Music Sessions

We hold regular music sessions at CareChoice Macroom that always create a sense of excitement among residents. Sometimes there’s dancing and other times a sing-song takes off, but these events are always a success.


Residents enjoy regular outings; visiting local areas of interest in the Cork area such as concert halls, historical sites, libraries, museums etc. as well as short outings to the local pub or the shops.

Board Games

Card Groups

Library Trolley


Hand Massage


Reminiscence Sessions/ Discussion Groups