CareChoice Macroom is located just outside the town of Macroom in Cork, nestled in a quiet area surrounded by green fields. Situated in West Cork, we have the joy of being in a rural setting and all the delightful things that comes with that. Macroom is a community focused town, and we are active members in our community, we love getting involved in the town initiatives and helping out our local clubs wherever possible.

Most of our residents are local to the Cork area, which fosters a lovely sense of familiarity. As we are in a community focused town, a lot of our residents would know our staff, suppliers and visitors before they arrive in CareChoice Macroom. This makes for a lovely environment where everyone feels content and comfortable from the moment they step into our Home.

We know all our residents are individuals, they have families, friends, opinions and many diverse hobbies. We want our residents to enjoy the things that are important to them and cherish the pieces that make them unique. We like to try to go the extra mile to make our residents comfortable, have fun, get involved and generally enjoy the experience of our Home and yet still feel like they can be exactly as they would in their own homes.

Our team are dedicated to the care and wellbeing of each of our residents. We have a strong focus on education for our staff to ensure that we are always offering the highest standard of care to our residents. In CareChoice Macroom we are all a team, staff and residents, we listen to each other and are constantly learning from one another. This enables us to always offer the best care and lifestyle to our residents.

CareChoice Macroom is accessible by public transport. There is a bus stop 10/15 minutes’ walk away and it is serviced by the 233 (Cork to Macroom) and the 40 (Tralee to Cork). We also have free parking onsite.


We like to encourage visitors and family in CareChoice Macroom and we always do our best to have maximum accessibility for all. Please speak to a member of our team if you would like to find out more information about our visiting.

Katherina Kane – Senior Administrator


Katherina has over 11 years of experience working within Nursing Homes and has been part of the CareChoice Macroom team as Senior Administrator for over 9 years. Katherina has 30 years Personal Assistant/Accounts/Administrative experience having worked in London and Scotland before returning to Cork in 2000.

Katherina is the main point of contact for all enquiries and would be delighted to help you with any queries you may have on the admission process, etc.

If you wish to make an enquiry to CareChoice Macroom, you can contact Katherina at:
026 42366, or alternatively email

Ashly Susan Bose – Director of Nursing



Professional Focus:


Ashly Susan Bose
Director of Nursing
CareChoice Macroom
Co. Cork


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I arrived in CareChoice Macroom in April 2017. I remember being full of anxiety and worry travelling to Macroom that day. I was met by wonderful staff members who made me feel at ease. In no time at all I felt befriended and respected. I have made wonderful friends along my journey here in CareChoice. It’s become my home away from home. I feel the warmth and security when I fall asleep at night. The staff, my friends, well what can I say………– Resident CareChoice Macroom

In CareChoice Macroom we offer a range of different services to our residents.

A sample of some of these services are:


General Practitioner


Pharmacy Services

Occupational Therapy

Religious Services


Exercise Sessions

We have a dedicated Head Chef who oversees all meals and snacks in CareChoice Macroom. Our Head Chef is specially trained in the IDDSI framework for people living with dysphagia to make sure every meal is one to remember. Supported by our fantastic catering team, our mealtimes are an experience for everyone. We create our monthly menus with our residents and display our menus for all to see. We also cater for special occasions like themed evenings or celebrations in our Home.

To us great food is a necessity when you live in CareChoice Macroom. Our food is always delicious and thoughtfully presented.

We pride ourselves on our Activities Programme, which co-ordinate outing and activities for our residents. We have enjoyed Arts & Crafts, visits to Local Farms, Card Games and Bingo and are looking forward to many more.

CareChoice Macroom is spread across 4 floors, all named after locations in the Macroom areas. We can accommodate up to 62 residents. We have the pleasure of overlooking to local golf course and the beautiful Cork countryside. Our courtyard includes raised flower beds for those who enjoy gardening and a balcony area where you can sit and enjoy a refreshing drink on a warm summer’s day. We are lucky enough to have the River Sullane very close by which brings a lovely sense of peace and is a great place for residents and visitors to go for a walk.

Some of the features of our Home include.



  • Nurses Stations
  • 3 Dining Rooms
  • 3 Sitting Rooms
  • Activity Room
  • Hair Salon
  • Treatment Rooms
  • Secure Outdoor Courtyard Area
  • State of the Art Kitchen and laundry facilities
  • Lifts
  • Beautiful river walks near the Home

Here at CareChoice Macroom we recognise that it may be difficult for some residents to live in a Nursing Home and they may experience lower moments. We believe that if residents take part in meaningful activities, maintain and develop their personal identity, whilst getting the right help for any health conditions is vital to improving and maintaining resident’s wellbeing.

Our team and our residents work together establish what is important to each resident, their interests, and their beliefs. We ensure that they have the opportunity to make as many choices as possible in their daily lives. The simplest choices can make a huge a difference to a resident, like, choosing their own clothes, where they sit at mealtimes and having their valued possessions with them. We support all residents in making decisions, which helps us build long lasting and trusting relationships.


Our Activity Team facilitates a wide range of group and individual activities, we are always creating new Activities for our residents.

What can you do:

  • Bingo
  • Newspaper Reviews
  • Music Club/Sessions
  • Exercise Classes
  • Baking
  • Men’s Club
  • Gardening
  • Pet Therapy
  • Reminiscence Sessions/Discussion Groups
  • Outings
  • Sensory activities including our Magic Table
  • Arts and crafts projects
  • Seasonal activities
  • Famileo, Weekly gazette for families to keep their relative up to date with events outside of the home


We individualise each person’s activities programme based on their likes and dislikes and we also cater for residents who would rather enjoy individual activities.

A CareChoice Resident Satisfaction Survey is completed every year. This asks residents their opinions on all areas of life in CareChoice Macroom. This feedback is used to make improvements in our Home across all departments. Our Activities team lead this survey and assist residents with completing it if they need some help. We receive invaluable feedback from these surveys and give each resident a platform to have their voices heard on all aspects of living with us.


CareChoice Macroom was registered with HIQA on the 12th March 2018 for a 3-year period.

At CareChoice our philosophy places residents at the centre of their own care. Our 24/7 care is individualised and holistically planned in partnership with the resident and family members. This helps us to give residents the best possible quality of life whilst catering for a wide variety of care needs. Our team of NMBI Registered Nurses and QQI accredited Healthcare Assistants are skilled in providing compassionate individualised care for every resident.

We specialise in several different models of care, the type of care that will suit your loved one depends on their individual needs and preferences.

Our Care Includes:

Full-Time Residential Care

Creating your new home

Our residential care provides 24/7 care for a variety of different needs. Residents and family members are consulted at every step, we make sure they are included in planning for their care, activities, and surroundings. This lets us offer people the best possible care for their needs.

Convalescence Care

Bringing you back to health

Our convalescence care can assist with recuperation and recovery after surgery, or serious illness. On average people convalesce with us from two to six weeks, but people can be discharged from care sooner depending on their health status and recovery.

Respite Care

Supporting you by supporting your caregivers

Caregivers at home do wonderful work, and to help them continue they need some support from time to time. Our respite care gives them temporary relief which supports people’s ability to live at home for longer.

End of life CARE

Providing relief and comfort during serious illness

Our End-of-Life Care is holistic and focuses on the prevention and relief of suffering. Generally, we do this by treating pain and other symptoms associated with life-limiting illness. We support families, to help them cope with their loved one’s illness and their own experiences at this time.

Dementia Care

A Safe Space

We provide specialist care for people living with dementia, with a focus on promoting independence. Our staff complete specialised dementia training, which helps them understand the needs of someone living with dementia. This training allows our staff to seamlessly fit into the world of a resident living with dementia, by using evidence-based practise to limit confusion and responsive behaviours. We offer a safe space where residents living with dementia feel comfortable and happy.

Dementia Friendly Design

Meeting Their Needs

All of our Homes offer Dementia Friendly Floors or Units. These areas are specially designed with the needs of a person living with dementia at their core. These include design aspects including brightly coloured murals on walls, bright and colourful signage for amenities and additional safety features. These areas are created to enhance the everyday life of a resident living with dementia, by having their environment compliment their reality.

Below are a collection of photos from our Macroom Home. You can click any photo to see larger version.

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