What is it like to work in a nursing home?

Are you a registered nurse, looking for employment in a challenging and rewarding environment?

Have you considered a career at a CareChoice care home? At each of our six state-of-the-art care homes – located in Cork, Dublin and Waterford – we have been building a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest standards of care for our residents. If you would like to know more about what it is like to work in one of our care homes with our professional teams, then read more below.


What is it like to work at CareChoice?

Our mission is simple – to support all residents to live a full life, connected to family, friends and their community. We have created a warm and caring space; and provide a home where everyone is listened to, respected and supported. We strive to tailor activities to our residents’ needs and desires. Across our CareChoice care homes, we promote open communication and learning, creating the highest quality range of services. Our dedicated and professional teams are committed in all aspects of their work, supporting each other and our residents so that everyone can reach their fullest potential.

What will I have to do at a nursing home?

What your position entails is largely defined by what role you apply for. We employ a large number of staff, including administrators, nurses, health care assistants, kitchen staff, household, and activity leaders. Each person has a role to play and they must work as part of a team to ensure that our residents receive the best round-the-clock care.  Click HERE to see what vacancies we currently have available.

Who will I care for at a nursing home?

Across our care homes, we have a variety of residents of different ages and abilities. We cater for retired persons, as well as those who need specialised care. Some of our residents are able bodied, and some need assistance in getting around. You will also have to care for residents who have Dementia, but our team will always be there to support one another to address whatever needs our residents may have.

What kind of care will I be expected to give at a nursing home?

You will be expected to deliver a wide range of care. Outside of full-time residential care, we also provide convalescence, respite and palliative care. You will be expected to care for residents within each of these settings. That includes personal care and routine tasks which occur every day. However, care homes have a very complex environment with a lot of different duties that vary from day-to-day and from patient-to-patient. The kind of care we deliver is not just medical, we also provide a nurturing supportive environment where our residents can achieve a sense of independence and community. You will be expected to listen, to encourage, to support and to care for each resident, which can be very rewarding and enjoyable work.

What kind of illnesses will I encounter?

The majority of our residents are with us on a long-term basis, some with a combination of ailments which can include Dementiacardiac disease, renal disease, Parkinson’s, MS, diabetes, epilepsy and mobility problems. Some of our residents may not have any medical ailment but are with us because they are no longer able to care for themselves at home due to a decline in their mobility or general well-being, and the natural ageing process. In cases where residents are at the last stage of their journey in life, we feel privileged to be with them and support them during this time and to provide them with palliative care.

All of our staff play a role in the person-centred care we provide.  This includes staff working in each department within the home who all have an important role to play in the well-being of residents.  For example, a member of the household team, while completing her/his job and chatting to the resident, may realise that the resident is not their ‘normal self’, and may in fact be the first person to realise all is not well with our resident. CareChoice staff are conscious that they need to be alert to such changes in resident demeanour and that a staff nurse or nurse manager should be advised where this occurs.  This ensures residents receive prompt assessment and treatment. No one role is less important than another amongst our team.

We strive to enhance the years our residents have with us by providing a quality nursing home experience.  This enables residents to have fulfilling and peaceful days, allowing them to reach their full potential.

What qualifications do I need to work in a nursing home?

Each role we fill has specific requirements. The type of qualification that you need will depend on the role you apply for. However, we do look for additional traits in our staff, such as empathy, passion for care and development of older persons and a team-player attitude. All of these things will help you to fit into our diverse CareChoice family. If you have any queries on what qualifications you need, you can email us at supportoffice@carechoice.ie

What are the hours like at a nursing home?

Working at a nursing home is very different to a hospital setting. You will have much more flexibility to negotiate your working hours. You do of course need to apply for days off in advance, but schedules are not as inflexible as they would be elsewhere. The teams in our care homes work as a unit, making sure that each staff member is happy and well cared for. We strive to ensure that our staff never feel undue pressure or experience burnout, which is common in other nursing environments. Our HR manager Theresa is always available for a call if an issue arises.

What about career progression?

At CareChoice, we work hard to create a team of passionate, experienced individuals that can deliver quality care to our residents. CareChoice is committed to attracting and retaining the best staff and all care is nurse-led and nurse-managed. At CareChoice, we are passionate about self-development, and encourage staff to realise their full potential, providing in-depth training opportunities based. We encourage and promote a supportive environment to ensure that every staff member can progress in their career.


If you would like to learn more about a career at CareChoice, you can email us at; supportoffice@carechoice.ie or you can check our current vacancies here.



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