Let me Decide- Is an Advance Care Directive that speaks for you when you can no longer speak for yourself.

Let me Decide helps you to state your healthcare wishes so they are known should a time ever come when you can no longer communicate or decide for yourself e.g. through dementia. It allows you to put your wishes in writing in the form of an advance care directive.

The ‘Let Me Decide’ Advance Care Directive:

  • Allows your wishes to be written clearly in a way easily understood by healthcare workers.
  • Guides healthcare professionals on the type of treatment you would or would not want, if you can no longer tell them yourself.
  • Allows you to appoint another person (a proxy) to speak for you if can’t make your wishes known.
  • Allows you to change the choices on your form at any time.
  • Has received enthusiastic support from doctors, nurses, patients, lawyers, the clergy and advocates for the elderly and the disabled.

Let Me Decide allows you to state in advance what life-saving treatments you would or would not want in the event that you became seriously ill but could not communicate your wishes.

The levels of care to treat a life-threatening iIlness

  • Comfort /Palliative Care
  • Limited Care
  • Surgical Care
  • Intensive Care.

Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation

CPR is the use of cardiac massage and/or artificial/mechanical breathing to help get your heart going again if it stops beating.

Basic or Tube Feeding

Basic feeding or feeding by soft plastic tubes passed into the stomach either through the nose/mouth or through the skin over the abdomen.

What would happen if you could no longer make decisions for yourself?

If for example you had advanced dementia or were so unwell you couldn’t think clearly, doctors may have to make healthcare decisions for you. Doctors acting in your best interest, would try to find out what your wishes may have been by talking with your family. Filling in this form relieves your family and friends of the need to be involved in decisions in times of crisis as your wishes will already be recorded.

Proxy or Substitute Decision-Maker

In the case of Advance Care Directives, a Proxy is an adult appointed by a person to make future health care decisions on their behalf should they become unable in the future to communicate those decisions themselves.

What if my relative has already lost the ability to make their own decisions?

For those who can no longer make decisions for themselves, Let Me Decide allows families to consider what their loved one would have wanted. Families can document this information so that it is available to healthcare professionals who may have to make decisions on e.g. whether to transfer to hospital or how aggressively to treat life threatening illnesses.

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