Christmas memories from CareChoice residents

At Christmas time, we love to gather round family and share some Christmas love and joy. To make it extra special, some residents from across our six care homes have shared some their special Christmas memories with us. Hope you enjoy the read.


‘We got an apple and an orange and a shilling or two shillings in the Christmas stocking.’

Mai – age 89


‘I loved seeing the presents under the tree. I went to boarding school and one year I got a hockey stick.’

Male – age 84


‘Having our treats on Christmas Day, sweets and the cake. And Santa of course too, there was always great excitement.’santas-list-1902129_1920



‘We used to have a Christmas party every Christmas eve for our neighbours.’

Mary – age 78


‘My favourite Christmas tune is ‘Have yourself a merry little Christmas’.’

Female – age 72


All 11 of us waiting on the knock on the door that Santa had come and waiting to get or presents one by one. And we all stayed together in the house on Christmas day, nobody visitied or left, that was our tradition.’



‘The thing I remember the most about Christmas was the food. My favourite present I ever got was a trainset.’railway-1357187_1280

Male – age 67


‘On Christmas day all the family & neighbours sang songs around the piano.’

Kitty – age 83


‘All of us had a Christmas stocking. We didn’t have much, but we always got some little present like pencils or copy books.’

Female – age 80


‘The youngest in the family lit a long, thin candle in the window.’christmas-1904536_1920

Ed – age 82


‘My favourite memory of Christmas is my mother putting up the decorations. She used to go out to the yard, we had ivy growing and she would put it with the holly on the mantlepiece.’

Female – age 72


All of us going to mass together on Christmas morning and having our new shoes & clothes on.’