Top 5 ways CareChoice is a home from home


At CareChoice, we pride ourselves on a resident-led care service. We provide high-standard facilities at our six homes in Cork, Dublin and Waterford, with professional staff members who strive to deliver expert care. Moving into a care home does not have to be a stressful and daunting experience. We endeavour to create a home from home for our residents. Here are some of the ways in which we help you to create a place you can call your own.


Your home from home


CareChoice home from home Clonakilty

When you move into your new home from home at CareChoice, you are welcome to bring personal effects. Our maintenance team will help you to hang up any paintings or treasured photographs. Some of our residents have personalised their rooms with their favourite ornaments, teddy bears, cushions and throws. You will have a locked drawer in your room for personal items and you may also deposit valuables in a safe at reception. However, we advise that you ask family members to take care of your valuables where possible.


Visits to CareChoice care home

A new move can be daunting for all of us, especially if we are moving away from family, friends and familiar surroundings. However, at CareChoice, we acknowledge the importance of community and we help you to create a space where you are connected to all of these people. Your family and friends are always welcome to visit and we make sure that they are invited to the many fun events we host, especially for birthdays and our famous summer parties! We only ask that visitors respect our residents’ privacy and routine. Just as if you were at home, we advise that they avoid calling early in the morning, or at mealtimes (dinner is from 12.30pm- 1.30pm and tea is from 5pm-6pm).


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Bring your pets to the care home


CareChoice home from home Macroom

We don’t just welcome human visitors, we also love visits from your pets! If you would like to arrange a visit from your furry friend, please speak to a member of staff. We ask that pets are house trained and well behaved so as not to upset the other residents. Our care homes also run a pet therapy programme, so even if you don’t have a furry friend of your own, you can still spend some time with our adorable visitors.


Freedom and Independence

We respect our residents’ independence and wishes at all times. We would like you to visit your family and stay away overnight where possible. It is important to remember to tell a staff member so that we can supply you with anything you need for your visit, such as your medication.


We recognise that some of our residents have varying levels of mobility. For those that aren’t independent, we can lend a helping hand. For example, a staff member would be happy to help you to the garden should you require assistance. We do our best to ensure that you live life to the full and we encourage residents to get out and about during the day. If you would like to remain in your room, however, that is your choice. You will never be obliged to take part in any activity you are uncomfortable with.


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A typical CareChoice menu


CareChoice home from home Macroom

At CareChoice, you won’t have to cook a thing. Our head chef creates a varied and delicious menu every day. You can see each day’s menu in the dining room. Don’t worry if you have any special requirements, just like at home, we will make sure that you have meals that you can enjoy. You can order meals outside of dining room hours as long as the kitchen is open and we always have a snack menu available.


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