Helpful Information

People often have questions about similar things when first considering their care needs. You’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions here, but please feel free to contact us directly with any queries you may have.

How do I know who is looking after me?

Our Care Staff – Nurses and Care Assistants are rostered to work on a particular floor. Each morning and night at the change of shifts, a member of staff is designated to care for a certain number of Residents. This is displayed at the Nurses Station on each floor. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you want to know who is caring for you on any particular day. Generally the same staff stay on a particular floor for an extended period to allow them to get to know you and vice versa.

Who gives me my medicine?

Medication is administered by the Registered Nurse on the floor.

Who do I go to if I have a medication question?

You can go to either the Staff Nurse on the floor, the Senior Staff Nurse, the Clinical Nurse Manager (CNM1) or the Director of Nursing. All will be happy to deal with any query you might have, referring to GP and/or pharmacy if required.

Where does my medication come from?

Your medication is delivered to the Home (based on a prescription provided by your GP or hospital) on a daily basis by our preferred Pharmacy supplier who also provide emergency out of hours deliveries. Should you wish to retain your own Pharmacy we are happy to accommodate, however it is important that they adhere to CareChoice service level agreements.

What can I bring with me?

You should bring clothes, toiletries, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a brush/comb, razor, makeup and any walking sticks that you may require.

You should also bring any personal effects you wish to use but you are encouraged to leave valuables with family members if possible. We have a safe at Reception and you can access the items you are keeping in the safe at any time when Reception is open. A locked cupboard is provided in your room for personal items.

We will require a letter from your GP or Hospital Consultant with your medical history and a list of current medications. You should also bring any medications you are currently taking and any current prescriptions.

Am I allowed to put paintings/pictures on the wall?

Of course, just let a member of staff know and we will organise one of our Maintenance Team to hang it up for you.

Are pets allowed to visit?

Yes, in consultation with the staff on your floor. Dogs should be on a lead and any pets visiting should be house-trained and well behaved.

What type of furniture can I bring into my room?

Some of our Residents have brought in items such as mirrors, desks, statues, etc. You will be limited by the space in the room. However, we will endeavour to do our best to make your room ‘home from home’.

Do we have a fire drill?

Yes, the staff are fully versed in procedures for fire evacuations.

How often do you test the fire system and what is the procedure?

We deliberately activate the fire alarm once a week, in order to ensure that the sirens, hallway magnetic door locks and individual door closers are in working order.

Can I leave my room when I like/unaided?

This would depend on the individual’s mobility. Some of our Residents require assistance in walking and if they were to go out to the garden they require a Care Assistant to accompany them. For those of our Residents who are quite independent, there is no problem going to the garden. If you are going out to the
garden, please inform a member of staff as a safety precaution. All residents are encouraged to come to our day rooms during the day but our resident’s wishes are of paramount importance and if you prefer to remain in your own room, then that is your choice.

Am I allowed visit my family and/ or stay away over night? Who do I need to inform?

Certainly, however it is very important that the Staff Nurse on your floor is informed of:
(a) When you are planning on going out so that the appropriate process is followed e.g. enough medication and any other items are given to your family, details of who you are staying with and their contact details are fully documented.
(b) Any change of plan – early return or extension of visit. Please also inform the Director of Nursing

What if I need to attend a hospital or external appointment?

It is our policy that should you need to go to a hospital or external appointment that a family member must accompany you. A member of staff will accompany you only in exceptional circumstances, and this will be an additional cost. A wheelchair
accessible taxi can be ordered, if required.

What are the visiting hours?

Visitors are welcome at any time. However, the morning time is very busy for the staff as Residents are getting up, showering and changing and we would recommend that visitors not come too early in the morning. Also, as most Residents have their meals in the Dining Room we also recommend that visitors do not come at meal-times (dinner is from 12.30pm to 1.30pm and tea is from 5.00pm to 6.00pm). Our main gate then closes in the evening at about 10.30pm. Our visiting hours finish at 10.00pm.

It is important also to note that we have activities throughout the day and some Residents may be involved in these.

All visitors to the Home are required to sign the visitors book on entering and leaving the premises.

Can people visit outside of these hours?

Our visiting hours are designed to give our Residents access to their family and friends through-out the day. However, we have to be mindful of all our Residents and the fact that this is their home. It would be unfair to disturb them late in the night because of visitors, especially when they are sleeping. Special arrangements can be made with the Staff Nurse on duty or the Director of Nursing.

Why would visiting hours change?

Visiting hours might be reduced if a virus like the “winter vomiting virus” is in the facility. We would reduce not only the visiting hours but also the number of visitors in order to safeguard the health of all our Residents and reduce the chances of the virus spreading.

Do I have access to a phone?

Your room has a telephone extension facility which may be set up if requested. Alternatively we will pass on any message left by your caller to you, or you may receive calls on our mobile extension which will be brought to you by a member of staff.

What will I be eating?

Our Head Chef has devised a menu to offer all Residents a wide variety of meals throughout the day. This menu changes on a daily basis. Individual dietary requirements are always catered for – coeliac, diabetics, etc. We also have nutritional support from a nutritionist and a dietician. A copy of the daily menu is posted in the dining room.

Who does my laundry?

If you are a short/long term Resident then you have a choice, your family can do your laundry for you or we can do the laundry in-house. Dry clean only items are not done in-house. We are quite happy to send them out to a dry cleaners on the Resident’s behalf. This service is invoiced with monthly fees.

If our Laundry Staff are taking the responsibility for the laundry items, a member of staff will collect your laundry from your room and return them.

Should my clothes be labeled??

Due to the large number of Residents and clothing they have, it is important that your clothes are labelled so that the laundered items can be identified as yours and returned to your wardrobe in a timely manner.

There is no need as we have the facility to label all your clothes here on your behalf at no extra cost. The important thing is to bring any new items to Reception Staff who will ensure they are labelled and returned to your wardrobe in your room.

How do I find out more about recreation opportunities and activities?

Check with the staff on your floor or the Activity Leader. They will be more than happy to give you the information you need. We also have a notice board on each floor, updated every week with the details of the activities for the coming week. We would be delighted to hear and consider any suggestions you may have for other recreation opportunities.

The Activity Leader will visit when you first move in and explain the activity timetable. The staff on your floor will also tell you what activity is on each day and assist you to attend.

What paperwork do I need to complete for admission?

Prior to admission you need to make sure we have a copy of your prescription and a nursing transfer letter and/or a doctor’s transfer letter.

On arrival the Staff Nurse will go through the admission procedure with you, looking for information such as: who the next of kin is, who are the emergency contacts, what is your medical card number and are you staying with your own GP or switching to our GP.

Further details about the Home are available in our “Statement of Purpose and Function” document. Please ask our Receptionist for the most up to date version.

A “Contract for Care” will have to be signed. We are legally required to issue a “Contract for Care” to all Residents. This will set out the Terms and Conditions of a Resident staying here. It is designed to protect the rights of both the Home and the individual and includes details of any extra charges that may be incurred. Finally, if you are part of the “Fair Deal” system you will need a copy of your Medical Assessment approval for long term care and/ or your ‘Determination of Payment’ letter from the HSE in regards to same.

What is “Fair Deal” and how can I get information?

“Fair Deal” is the Nursing Home Support Scheme. In order to qualify for this government support you need to be assessed as requiring long term nursing home care.

When and what will be on my bill?

For our long term Residents, bills are created once a month for the coming month i.e. on 1st March we would invoice for the 31 days of March.

Additional services will be in arrears, i.e. a bill on the 1st March would have 31 days of March and any services up to 28th February.

Our short term Residents, in for convalescence or respite care, will be invoiced at the end of their stay. A deposit may be taken in advance. Their bill will be for the daily room rate multiplied by the number of days plus any services used.

On your bill you will see your room rate costs and the costs for additional services.